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cmx2qeha GREAT movie! But I have to say the best acting was done by Emilia Clarke’s Eyebrows, as they’re their own cast member.. Watched it... Not. Good.



Hunky guy (Tyler) has a nice girlfriend (Ali), but they have a difference of opinion at a party and he splits, but gets picked up by a girl he chance upon earlier (Holly) and taken for a ride (a 'day-ride', I guess). Soon, he discovers that Ali did not intend to terminate the relationship after all - in fact, Ali is a polite, exemplary young lady, who has abandoned some 'party' habits she used to pursue, and seems like the kind of high school sweetheart you might marry one day. That means Holly gets dumped, of course, written off as a one-night stand, but since she now attends the same high school, she can insert herself into Tyler's circle of friends, and make his life miserable.
It's all been done before, and I kept my hand on the FF button skipping over a few brief egregious moments, but it seems to be a PG type of flick. Tyler really isn't the cad his actions seem to indicate - but, as the Eagles say, 'in a New York minute, things can get pretty strange..' A passable teen-romance-gone-bad suspense movie from Netflix; yet, the sad thing is: people in their 50's are getting into these kind of jams these days -- they ought to know better - after all: 'the wolf is always at the door.'.

I don't like bella throne but she actually seems so fitting for this role can't wait to see it

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i just got the book and i don't regret it

zendaya is still better You get more information you get me imdb (Not defending her just asking) Why is the N word racist?






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